The market trend is to merge security guards and doormen with electronic security


The market trend is to merge security guards and doormen with electronic security

Every manager, whether in the public or private sector, recognizes the importance of continually improving their security project. Aware of the need to adopt innovations and, at the same time, the importance of optimizing the financial resources allocated for this purpose, the most effective strategy has been the reduction of monthly operating costs. This is possible through the gradual replacement of surveillance and concierge services, provided by outsourced companies, with monitored electronic security solutions, a growing trend in Brazil. This is a trend in the business world, with a successful trajectory already observed in developed countries.

This transition involves the implementation of smart cameras and other technological solutions, generally equipped with software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) resources. Companies that adopt this practice and resources are therefore able to reduce their costs by half. Furthermore, there are gains in efficiency and results, since intelligent solutions are much more effective than those that rely on human action, with technologies that are not integrated and analytically controlled.

Large business complexes, government buildings and several other sectors, such as airports, educational institutions, banks and hospitals, have seen a significant reduction in security costs, reaching around 40% to 50%. This contrasts with previous investments aimed at maintaining security solely through guards and doormen at your facilities.

Success story in the transition to electronic solutions

“A company that maintains a guard, on a 12-hour shift a day, 7 days a week, spends around 11,000.00 per month per job. If the service is 24 hours a day, the cost will be around 23,000.00 per month per job. Depending on the number of stations, this cost can exceed 100,000.00 per month”, explains electronic security specialist, Valter Desiderio Junior, from V2 Integradora de Soluções.

The expert says that the Rondônia Court of Justice paid around R$810,000 per month to keep guards 24 hours a day at its headquarters and its 37 districts across the state. “And with the implementation of electronic security, in the rental modality, removing 80% of the security guards only at night, the cost fell to R$ 380,000.00 thousand per month. In other words, more than 50% less”, he explained.

This, with the implementation of the new security system, which includes cameras and the installation of new access controls, with facial recognition at the turnstiles. “A technology that makes people entering units much safer. The total savings were more than R$167,000.00 per month, totaling more than R$8 million over the 48-month contract period”, explained Valter.

Technology for a safer and more effective information system

When we talk about electronic security, we are not only thinking about smart cameras, with analytics and alarms to replace the eyes of security guards, but also about physical and virtual technologies, which can be accessed through a secure information system.

To this end, there are cameras with sensors that detect perimeter invasion, identifying whether the incident involves a person, animal or vehicle. The solution can cover the entire perimeter of the site and the intrusion alert is immediately sent to the monitoring team. She will take the necessary and pre-agreed measures.

These cameras may also have smoke sensors to prevent fires and record objects in the scene. They show the image immediately when an object is removed from a location, preventing theft. This is a type of action that is practically unfeasible for a guard stationed at a given post, especially in a large coverage area.

There are cameras with facial recognition, which can be placed at entry and exit turnstiles to more efficiently control people's access in corporate environments.

In this case, software can count the number of people who enter a turnstile or elevator daily, generating alerts if there are abnormalities in the pattern. The resource reduces labor and offers agility and quality of service.

If the system still has biometrics, it is possible to read fingerprints and facial recognition simultaneously, granting access only to people pre-registered and authorized by the company or public body.

Analytical Monitoring: Preventive and effective security

The systems exemplified above can be installed in your company and pre-configured taking into account the mapping of routines and their specific protocols.

This way, when an abnormality is identified in the perimeter, alerts are automatically sent to the monitoring team.

The solution, in addition to costing less, works reliably and preventively, because it anticipates possible occurrences, such as robberies, invasions, theft or fires.

This is what any manager or businessman wants when investing in security.

Monitoring, using artificial intelligence and analytical software, is suitable for all business segments, as videos and sensors allow proactive management, preventing occurrences and enabling quick actions.

Contracting modalities

V2 Integradora provides a complete electronic security service for your organization, with the possibility of monitoring being carried out by the contracting company or by V2 itself.

Companies can acquire these solutions through monthly rental payments, without needing to invest in equipment. Another contracting option is through the acquisition of equipment.

Do you now understand why investing in electronic and automated security is more than a trend?

Because you don't depend on guards and doormen to check whether your company is safe, but you invest to guarantee the safety of your assets and your employees.

It is worth comparing investments.

Our V2 consultants can help you and your team!

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