Access control

Access control can be done with the automation of electronic turnstiles, gates and doors, use of cards, biometrics, proximity cards, QR Code, face recognition, license plate recognition (LPR), and other intelligent software.

Smart solutions are linked to access controls

A new concept of security emerged after the Digital Transformation, with the integrated access control being one of the main contributions of this innovation that embodies the use of automation in the electronic security industry.

Access control in companies, large public and private spaces is made possible with the automation of electronic turnstiles and gates in buildings and parking lots. This is done through biometric card, QR Code, face recognition (or facial biometry), plate recognition (LPR) and other smart software. Our solutions are integrated to video monitoring.

Thanks to technological advancement, security, access control and perimeter protection solutions have been developed in an efficient and customized way.

Automated security projects including perimeter and access control are aimed at banks, government agencies, schools, universities, embassies, consulates, airports and distribution centers of companies and multinationals, in addition to other spaces that require strict access control.

What are the main technologies employed in software for intelligent and preventive security?

Automation of turnstiles and gates:

Access control through the automation of turnstiles and gates for counting people and objects in a perimeter, aimed at determining and analyzing circulation in restricted environments;
Monitoring with the use of automation in turnstiles and gates. This feature allows you to measure queues and check for the possibility of unforeseen events. This is successfully done at entrance/exit gates of buildings, parking lots and tolls;
Access to turnstiles using a card, biometrics, face recognition, password, QR code or proximity card;
Access to gates through face recognition, biometrics or license plate reading (LPR); Electronic recording of movement of people, vehicles and drivers, covering the entire system of gates, turnstiles and doors, as required;
Electronic recording of motion with mapping of vehicle and people routes; Implementation of wireless communication system in turnstiles and gates;
Integration of access and permission levels to infrared intrusion detection systems, with the use of warning alarms in the event of unexpected and unusual occurrences;
Agility in entry/reception processes, with registration of visitors and temporary access control;
Identity authentication matched to facial biometrics, digital biometrics and access card with simultaneous use;
Controllers with power autonomy of up to 4 hours, storing user data on site and ensuring the integrity of access permissions even when there is no connection to the servers.

Perimeter Control

Use of combined detection technologies, such as active infrared sensors (for external use), passive infrared sensors (for open or semi-open use) and traditional and industrial electrical fences, with sensor cables and other accessories;
Electronic fencing with infrared sensors; integration with CCTV system and access control;
Activation by area, with different levels of protection and security protocols;
Other systems integrated to video monitoring with presence detection, which makes it possible to capture high resolution images and send alerts to security teams. The rules shall be pre-evaluated and established in the project;
Use of physical barriers - Also called bollards or tiger claws, they are able to prevent invasions with the use of large or high-speed vehicles, therefore safeguarding controlled perimeter entries and exits.

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Other Solutions

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Security System

CFTV system, access control, perimeter radar, fog generator, artificial intelligence, facial recognition.


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