A monitored alarm system can perform sensing against burglary, theft, perimeter protection, fire, panic situations, among others. The use of integrated technology allows the online reporting of events generated by the system.

Sensor alarms integrate smart monitoring solutions.

When it comes to security systems, you immediately think of cameras and then alarms. This is because the alarm systems have always had the purpose of protecting and alerting about possible occurrences. Theft, fire and other situations can be prevented if alarms are properly integrated into an electronic security project.

Created to increase security inside and outside residential and corporate properties, they fulfill their basic function, but need to be thought of in a preventive way, as they have been used in integrated intelligent systems. In addition to issuing alerts, we want alarms to prevent incidents.

A system equipped with smart cameras allows online monitoring. In order to decide about the best monitoring system, the company specialized in electronic security shall visit the site for strategic mapping, analyzing all points of vulnerability of the property and the business.

A specialist can correctly size and then choose strategic locations so that alarms work more efficiently. They are usually placed on doors and windows, which are regarded as the most vulnerable and risky points in case of burglaries.

The control panel and the panic button, as well as other sensors, are also lodged there. However, each detail must be carefully planned, since a wrongly installed and poorly thought-out alarm system is money thrown away.

The advantages of an alarm system can go beyond simply increasing security and creating difficulties in the event of a perimeter invasion, since alarms can act as preventive alerts if integrated to intelligent software.

An alarm system adds value to businesses, for it protects their properties and assets.

Monitored alarms

Today, a number of sensing technologies are used for perimeter protection against burglaries, thefts, fires and panic occurrences. Modern technologies enable several types and levels of security alarms.

An alarm can be integrated into the monitoring system. Therefore, it is possible to view the monitored location through remote access and also through cameras over the internet.

Alarm systems are made up by:

Sensors: detect the presence of burglars in a perimeter, both in external and internal areas. Modern systems are equipped to recognize pets, thus avoiding false warnings. They are installed in places that are usually targeted by criminals, such as doors and windows.

Control Panel: it receives all information from the sensors. In case one of the points is triggered, it is possible to observe, through the panel, the origin of the occurrence. It allows to manage the alarm system as a whole, making it possible to check the sensors and restart the sirens.

Siren: it is responsible for emitting the audible signal, which makes the alarm identifiable by everyone. Because of its wide-ranging reach, it draws attention and usually inhibits the action of burglars.

Panic button: it must be used to activate the support of the monitoring center during possible occurrences. It shall be mounted at a strategic point, easily accessible, so that it can be triggered quickly and out of sight of criminals.

Alarm with monitoring

A security system with effective monitoring provides for the installation of sensors and cameras distributed at specific entry and exit locations. Sensors and cameras shall also be installed at points considered vulnerable in a company or residence, so that there is an overview of the environments programmed to be monitored.

It works like this: when a sensor is activated automatically, by detecting an abnormality such as the intrusion of people, vehicles or extreme temperature variation in the environment, an audible alarm is triggered, also automatically. This warning signal goes to the monitoring station, which shall operate on a 24 hour basis. As per local standards, contact is made and a security team is sent to the location.

What a high quality alarm system shall include:

24h monitoring system (GPRS allows the system to monitor even after the alarm telephone line is cut);
Detailed online reports on events issued by the system;
Video monitoring with remote recording in specific alarm trigger situations; Online triggering apps for mobile devices, such as tablets; Real time management; Alarm notifications via e-mail, SMS and telephone answering service; Mobile support with vehicles for site surveillance visits; Alarm monitoring through data sent over the internet, TCP/IP; Capture of intrusion signals, panic buttons, smoke detectors, medical emergency, constraint code, electric fences, among others.

What a monitored alarm station shall include:

A monitored alarm station works like an intelligence center, since it gathers data transmitted by all the resources that compose it, thus running the adopted security system. Among the benefits of the monitoring system are:

1. 24/7 Monitoring: the audible warning of alarms inhibits the action of burglars and, through activated sensors, sirens are triggered as soon as someone penetrates the site without previous deactivation. Upon the identification of burglaries and notification of occurrences, appropriate measures are promptly taken towards preventing losses.

2. Easy installation: the most advanced devices do not use wiring, thus not requiring piping works or structural remodeling for their installation. Maintenance is more practical. With the use of wireless sensors, the alarm system has its own batteries.

3. Practicality and flexibility: some equipment can be accessed via smart phones, which allows you to configure notifications and follow the site routine through a history. This is good for a manager.

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