Modern systems with intelligent features that provide monitoring with high performance technology for decision making, anticipation and prevention of incidents.

What is a CCTV System? Can it safely save me money?

Among the electronic security and monitoring systems is CCTV, an acronym used for Closed Circuit TV or CFTV (Circuito Fechado de Televisão) in Portuguese.
In the past, CCTV systems only distributed signals from cameras placed at specific locations from a central system to one or more viewing points.
With the evolution of smart systems and resources, CCTV is no longer just a provider of images and recordings for property security purposes. Modern equipment features high performance intelligence and technology resources used for monitoring and surveillance. This allows companies to retrieve information and records based on images and to manage them, anticipating potential security incidents, vandalism, improper behavior and other occurrences. Investing in electronic security can represent a decrease in insurance costs for the company, since it considerably reduces the risk of accidents, besides preventing problems associated with the loss of goods and risks to the lives of employees.

What are CCTV smart solutions ?

Identify people, objects left behind or embezzled in an analyzed perimeter;
Assess performance of the professionals involved;
Follow up and manage companies’ production processes;
Control the automated entry and exit of vehicles through the license plates;
Control the circulation of people in restricted areas, as well as the entry and exit to/from parking lots and tolls;
Obtain high quality images in low visibility situations.

Among the main benefits of CCTV solutions are

View of events: real-time and remote monitoring, 24 hours a day, for decision making whenever any abnormalities are detected.

Inhibition of criminal actions: monitoring can prevent crimes from happening, especially internally. Action generates intimidation, for fear of being caught.

Web based access: a surveillance CCTV system allows viewing live videos via PCs or notebooks, from wherever the user is, as long as there is internet access and the IP address of the security camera is inserted, as if it were a website. This is made possible through DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) and port forwarding.

Documented monitoring: due to unforeseen situations, in a number of times it is necessary to use images as evidence of an occurrence. If a CCTV system is installed in strategic places, it will be possible to use the material obtained through such monitoring.

CCTV solutions make it possible to

Assess the performance of service providers while supporting team management towards keeping the right people, in the right places, doing the right thing;

Protect the perimeter while identifying people, objects left behind or embezzled, both in domestic and business environments;

Protect the company against burglaries, identifying license plates as well as automated car entries and exits;

Perform Plate Recognition (LPR). This can trigger automatic actions of access control, traffic management, detection alert and speed control;

Perform Face Recognition: the use of face recognition for key customers or potential criminals can help improve the shopping experience and protect the company’s assets;

Control access and perform counting of people and objects, while checking circulation in restricted areas and measuring queues at entries and exits of parking lots and tolls, by means of monitoring;

Delimit spaces with the use of virtual fences and barriers, as well as issue alerts whenever restricted areas are trespassed;

Monitor activities, follow up and manage the company’s production process;

Retrieve high quality images in situations of fog, mist, pollution, fires, among others.

Our smart solutions can integrate

- CCTV (Closed Circuit TV);
- Access controls;
- Alarms;
- Management Software (VMS & PSIM)
- Analog cameras;
- HD cameras;
- IP cameras;
- Hybrid system.

Find out what V2 can do for your business:

- Design;
- Cabling infrastructure;
- Implementation of CCTV, access control and alarms;
- Implementation of management software;
- Supply of equipment;
- Rental;
- Maintenance.

Learn more about the problems solved by the CCTV technology implemented by V2

Occurrence 1:
Theft or embezzlement of equipment, documents or personal valuables.
Solution: Smart IP cameras are capable of detecting object removal by using embedded technology. Thus, it is possible to monitor all elements in an environment and issue an alert in case of suspicious attitudes. Once identified, the action can be restrained by agents even before the theft occurs.

Occurrence 2:
Strange objects left behind or forgotten.
Solution: Smart IP cameras are able to identify abandoned objects by using embedded technology. The system also detects potentially hazardous materials left behind in places of common use, thus warning those in charge on the possibility of unpleasant events.

Occurrence 3:
Security problem with identification badges that may have been unduly lent or stolen.
Solution: Face recognition camera; integration of access control in reception turnstiles; parking gates; control of access via elevator to specific floors and departments.
The camera system monitors all of this through: identification by license plates and automated entry and exit of vehicles; control of movement of people in restricted areas; entry and exit to/from parking lots and tolls, producing high quality images in low visibility situations.

Learn more about the problems solved by the CCTV technology implemented by V2

Occurrence 4:
Risk of damage to data center equipment due to temperature falls or variations.
Solution: Suitable cameras are capable of detecting heating or cooling in complex environments.

Occurrence 5:
Loss of important data in the company due to problems of sudden temperature change in the environment.
Solution: Suitable cameras capable of controlling the temperature are installed on site. In the event of a variation, the department in charge is notified of the detection of anomalies associated with temperature and fire. Technology effectively helps prevent fires, structural hazards and other threats to people and property.
This can help in the control of machines, warning about the need for maintenance, supporting the production process and preventing unexpected machine stops, that is, avoiding losses.

Occurrence 6:
Monitoring of suspicious persons or vehicles.
Solution: Integrate multiple cameras to automatically track objects and people in motion and manage them by using VMS (Video Management Software). This solution makes it possible to have an overview of the site and track suspicious people or vehicles, anticipating occurrences through alarms on the screen and thus mobilizing the security team.

Learn more about the problems solved by the CCTV technology implemented by V2

Occurrence 7:
Delimit restricted access areas.
Solution: Through IP cameras with embedded technology it is possible to delimit areas by means of an imaginary crossing line. In case people or animals trespass restricted areas, an alarm will provide warning.

Occurrence 8:
Effective access control.
Solution: With the installation of cameras integrated to the management software (VMS) it is possible to perform automatic face recognition. Thus, a biometric reading of facial features is performed for the identification of registered individuals with a high level of assertiveness.

Occurrence 9:
Identify areas of highest movement of people.
Solution: Cameras equipped with a heat map can detect places with high movement of people. Through this analysis it is possible to choose locations where it is more advantageous to open a store or exhibit a product, knowing that there is a greater concentration of people.
Through the cameras it is also possible to count the number of people entering and exiting the site, and thus analyze turnover in the environment.

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