Performs smart monitoring capable of managing alarms, events, occurrences and automation of environments through a single system. It has high performance and can be integrated with other technological security features.

The VMS is highly recommended for smart monitoring

The use of videos with intelligent software stands out among electronic security solutions aimed at preventing and alerting about potential occurrences, especially when it comes to highly complex corporate projects.

There are several system options made available in the market with resources and technologies for video monitoring, integration and access control. The question is how to choose the best type able to integrate all the resources required by a company, residence or public space, for example, in the new designs of digital cities.

The project must be customized and, in case it involves smart monitoring, it is advisable to use the VMS (Video Monitoring Software), which offers a better monitoring experience thanks to its functionalities and parameters, which are more complete when compared to the CMS (Content Management System), embedded in DVRs and HVRs in the NVR (device for receiving images from IP cameras).

Software de Gerenciamento - VMS

Software integrated to alarms

There are monitoring systems integrated to alarms and other resources, both national and international, equipped with cameras and intelligent software, in addition to devices for image alarms.

In order to choose a security project it is necessary to understand how the most modern systems work, their capabilities and features, in addition to the main differences between the systems offered in the market, such as the CMS.

VMS Features

In its all-in-one version, the VMS makes it possible to implement, on a single basis, from simpler projects to highly complex projects involving millions of cameras and a number of video analysis resources, such as LPR (license plate reading) and Face Recognition, among others.
The systems are scaled according to the need of the corporate project and are presented in versions that allow for a safe and soft transition.
Analytical software, which produces high quality images, can feed large-scale projects. The use of an open platform makes it possible to work with a wide range of security systems for access control, fire and theft prevention, among other types of occurrences.
Among the main differences between technologies are the types of data used for analyses of occurrences and images, not only for face recognition but also for other related solutions.
VMS is currently regarded as the most powerful video management platform, mainly for its accuracy and capacity to capture algorithms at the first reading.

Which aspects should be considered when choosing VMS?

VMS is superior to CMS because, although the latter is able to meet some CCTV monitoring requirements, it does not deliver the same performance in terms of smart solutions.
Choosing the VMS means not being limited to the CMS of the manufacturers of CCTV equipment. This is why it is essential to choose the right technology company that will meet your specific needs.

What are the main aspects that should be considered when contracting the VMS System?

Integration with alarm software to avoid duplicate events;
User-friendly Interface;
Remote access to the server - unlimited simultaneous access for registration of DVRs and HVRs;
Image server dedicated to the security project;
Permission to add more than one image server to the VMS;
Visualization of pre-alarm images;
24/7 technical support, free updates and other more comprehensive services.

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