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Segurança e monitoramento em tempo real, 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana. Proteção do patrimônio público e privado.

Digital City

V2 Integradora focused on business solutions offers digital city services, such as infrastructure creation, new technology services in urban areas and business spaces. 1) Intelligent parking Monitoring the availability of parking spaces in the city. 2) Structural Health Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions, bridges buildings and historical monuments. 3) Urban noise maps Monitoring in bar areas and sound in real time zones.

4) Smartphone Detection Detect iPhone and Android devices, and generally any device that works with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interfaces. 5) Levels of electromagnetic field Measurement of energy radiated by Wi-Fi cell stations and routers. 6) Traffic congestion Tracking vehicles and pedestrians creating levels to optimize driving directions. 7) Intelligent lighting Adaptive lighting in street lights. 8) Waste Management Container garbage level detection to optimize garbage collection routes 9) Smart roads Intelligent highways with warning messages according to weather conditions and unexpected events such as accidents / congestion

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